Collection: Map Compasses at The Compass Store

Map Compass sample image with the Treknor Deluxe Map Compass

What makes a good Map Compass?  Well, there are several features you should look for in a map compass.  First of all, you will want a clear baseplate. The clear baseplate of a map compass allows you to see through the compass onto the map, for more better alignment and map positioning -- which will ultimately provide more accurate bearings.  The clear baseplate of a map compass usually has parallel positioning lines to aid in the alignment process, but even just being able to see the compass needle laid over the map is helpful.  Secondly, it is helpful to have at least one straight edge on the baseplate of a map compass.  And even better if that straight edge is outfitted with either a ruler or map scale (if it is the map scale you need).  Map scales are important, but don’t get too caught up with map scales, because there are so many map scales it is often easier to purchase a separate map scale protractor or protractors for the map scale you need.  But if you do have a common map scale you consistently work with, it may be a feature worth considering.  Other helpful (but not necessary) features could include holes for map marking, a magnifying lens for map reading, adjustable declination, and grippy feet for holding the compass still on the map while you are making marks on the map.  Below are some of our favorite map compasses, with our favorite five right at the top.  And then you will find the rest of the standard baseplate and mirror map compasses below, sorted by price.