How To Find Your Declination Value

The map below will give you a rough idea of your declination value.  But in order to get a more exact declination value for your current location today, you will need to get that information from the NOAA website at the link below.


Once you are there, STEP 1 will be to enter your zip code under the Lookup Latitude / Longitude section and press the blue Get & Add Lat / Lon button.  This will populate your Latitude and Longitude into the form. Now for STEP 2, just press the blue Calculate button on the lower left. This will bring a pop-up with your Declination amount in degrees and minutes. Remember there are 60 minutes in each degree, so 5 degrees and 30 minutes (shown as 5°30’) would be equal to 5-1/2 (or 5.5) degrees.  You will also see a W or an E after your declination.  Westerly declination values are negative, and Easterly declination values are positive.  To learn more about how to use your declination value, click here: