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MGRS Military Coordinate Scale Protractor

MGRS Military Coordinate Scale Protractor

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This Military Style Protractor Scale is scaled to the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS), and utilizes the same GTA 05-02-012 format used by the US Military and NATO forces around the world. This is the same protractor scale used during US Army training on navigation courses.

The clear protractor scale measures 5in × 5in square and is made of 1mm flexible plastic material. The outer perimeter scales are measured in MILS (0-6400) and Degrees (0-360) with back azimuths. The triangular die-cut corner grids on the interior of the scale feature the following scales:

  • 1:25000 x 1km / 1:250000 x 10km
  • 1:50000 x 1km
  • 1:100000 x 1km

Dimensions: 5in x 5in (x1mm)
Weight: 0.73oz (20.6g)

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