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Suunto MC-2G Global Compass with FREE Case

Suunto MC-2G Global Compass with FREE Case

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FREE GROUND SHIPPING for this item, and anything else you add to this order. Right now this compass features a FREE Cordura carrying case, automatically. Just order this global compass, and you get both.

This compass is consistently our number 1 selling sighting mirror compass, and our "BEST PICK" for overall features. Basically, this mirror compass has every professional compass feature, plus a global needle! You can use the clear baseplate with maps, sight with the mirror, and never slow your stride with the global needle that accepts tilts up to 20 degrees (10 degrees in either direction) and still reads accurately. To top it all off, the global needle has a quicker dampening time than a standard needle. Other professional features that make this compass a BEST PICK are the built-in clinometer, adjustable declination, luminous bezel, luminous guidance points, and convenient map scales.

This is Suunto's top-of-the-line Navigator MC-2 compass with Suunto's patented global needle for true world-wide performance. Other features include an additional sighting hole for superior bearing accuracy, a luminous bezel, an adjustable declination correction scale, and a built-in clinometer. This is what Suunto calls the USGS version of the MC-2G. Each baseplate features anti-slip rubber pads, an inch scale, 1:24,000 miles map scale, 1:24,000 km map scale, 1:50,000 km map scale, a round magnifying lens, and a red nylon lanyard. Limited lifetime warranty.

Dimensions: 2.5in. x 3.9in.
Weight: 74 g

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