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Suunto MC-2G Global Metric Compass

Suunto MC-2G Global Metric Compass

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FREE GROUND SHIPPING for this item, and anything else you add to this order. Just like the standard MC-2G, but instead of standard 1:24,000 km and 1:50,000 km map scales screenprinted onto the baseplate, the map scales are 1:25,000 km and 1:50,000 km. Then along the side, instead of the 1:24,000 miles scale, this model features an inch ruler.

The MC-2GMM compass features Suunto's patented global needle for true world-wide performance. Other features include an additional sighting hole for superior bearing accuracy, a luminous bezel, an adjustable declination correction scale, and a built-in clinometer. Each baseplate features anti-slip rubber pads, an inch scale, a centimeter scale, 1:50,000 km map scale, 1:25,000 km map scale, a round magnifying lens, and a red nylon lanyard. Limited lifetime warranty.

Dimensions: 2.5in. x 3.9in.
Weight: 74 g

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