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T27 Military Lensatic Compass

T27 Military Lensatic Compass

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No doubt this compass will be compared to the official US Military Compass from Cammenga. But this compass is not a cheap plastic knock-off. This is a serious competitor to the CAM-27, with one primary difference – this compass features a liquid-filled capsule. The liquid filled capsule allows for much more steady (read accurate) bearings.

Other features include the metal body, metal lensatic arm, metal thumb ring, 0-6400 mils scale (20 mil resolution), 0-360 degree scale (5 degree resolution), rotating clickable bezel, embossed 1:50,000 meters scale, luminous points, removable lanyard, olive drab pouch with locking metal belt clip.

Closed dimensions: 2.25in W x 3in L x 1.1in H
Compass weight: 4 oz.

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