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Suunto KB-14 Quadrants

Suunto KB-14 Quadrants

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NOTE: This is the QUADRANTS version of the KB-14. (This compass does NOT use the typical 0-360° azimuth scale.) This is the 0-90° quadrants scale typically used by surveyors, on land plats.

Now featuring a Global Capsule for worldwide use. The rugged KB-14 sighting compass from Suunto features an aluminum body and offers a one-third of a degree reading accuracy. The back of each body is equipped with a cotangent table for easy reference and a threaded camera tripod adapter for steady and precise measurements. This precision instrument is definitely the ultimate in accurate bearing measurements. The scale is 0° to 90° or 90° to 0° in each of the 4 quadrants of the compass. Included with each compass is an nylon storage pouch with belt loop.

Dimensions: 2in. x 3in. x 0.6in.
Weight: 108 g (3.8 oz).
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