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Complete Orienteering Course Kit

Complete Orienteering Course Kit

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FREE GROUND SHIPPING for this item, and anything else you add to this order. The Complete Orienteering course kit includes all the flags, punches, and cards required to create a 10-point orienteering course for up to 50 participants. And remember, each order now includes a free PDF download that will allow you to print your own punch cards, for your immediate needs.

Punch Card Printout

NEW! - Now each purchase of this Complete Orienteering Course Kit includes a free downloadable PDF document that can be printed to create your own control cards. Each printed page can be cut into 3 control cards. This PDF document is not for commercial resale, and cannot be used to print cards for commercial resale. Your download link will arrive via email.

The Orienteering Course gift package includes everything you need to create your first orienteering course.  Ten Twelve-inch Nylon Control Markers , a set of ten Control Punches , and a starter pack of 50 Tyvek control punch cards provide you with everything you need to run a 50 person event with 10 control points.  Each of the nylon control markers feature the white/orange design promoted by the International Orienteering Federation held in position with sturdy metal frames.  And each red plastic punch features durable steel teeth for long-lasting performance.

FAQs for Schools, JROTC, and ROTC programs:

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