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Orienteering Thumb Compass

Orienteering Thumb Compass

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Designed specifically for Orienteering Races, a thumb compass allows the user to hold the compass over the map, all with one hand, while on the move. Unlike a traditional compass that is used to determine or set your bearing, a thumb compass is really just used to orient the map in your hand, so you know what objects to look ahead for. The primary features to look for in a thumb compass are quick dampening and high visibility. And this thumb compass delivers on both counts. This quick-dampening Orienteers compass is designed to be used on the thumb of the left hand, for right-handed people.

  • Quick Dampening Needle
  • Adjustable Elastic Thumb Strap
  • Bright Red North Needle End
  • Meridian Orienting Lines in the Capsule
  • Hole for map marking
Dimensions: 3.2in Long x 3.0in Wide
Bezel Outer Diameter: 1.9in
Capsule Diameter: 1.4in
Weight: 1.1oz
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