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Harbin Theodolite Surveying Compass

Harbin Theodolite Surveying Compass

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FREE GROUND SHIPPING for this item, and anything else you add to this order. This Theodolite Surveying Compass from Harbin is perfect for forestry, geology, agriculture, or where any general surveying is needed. Tripod included ($200 Value) at no extra charge. The compact size makes it easy to transport, and included carrying case and wooden tripod will allow for transport and setup virtually anywhere. The following features and specifications of this surveying compass with transiting telescope are as follows:

  • Telescope Magnification: 16X
  • Image: Erect
  • Lens Diameter: 22mm
  • Stadia: 1:100
  • Field of View: 2deg @ 30’
  • Shortest Sighting Distance: 8’ (2.5m)
  • Compass Needle Length: 2.6” (67mm)
  • Compass Dial Unit Resolution: 1deg
  • Compass Needle Accuracy: 0.5deg
  • Horizontal Vernier Unit Resolution: 5min
  • Vertical Scale Unit Resolution: 1deg
  • Vertical Vernier Unit Resolution: 5min
  • Vertical Measuring Range: +/- 50 deg
  • Precision of long air level: 2mm @ 30’

Total Weight (without case & tripod): 1lb. 9oz.
Tripod Height Range: 34in to 54in

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