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Personal Waterproof First Aid Kit

Personal Waterproof First Aid Kit

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Packed in a compact wallet-sized waterproof container, this compact first aid kit is perfect for minor first aid emergencies like cuts, scrapes, stings, and nausea. Each waterproof case first aid kit includes the following:

(1) Large knuckle bandage
(3) Large elastic bandage
(3) Small round bandage
(2) Small butterfly closure
(1) Square guaze pad
(1) Ointment foil pack
(3) Antiseptic swab
(1) Sting relief swab
(2) Antacid tablets
(2) Ibuprofen tablets
(2) Aspirin tablets
(1) First aid booklet
(1) Poly zip bag

Overall Size: 2.7in wide x 4.3in high x 1.3in deep

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