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Elevation Compass Rose Bracelet

Elevation Compass Rose Bracelet

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The Elevation Compass Rose Bracelet may not have a working compass, but the simplicity of the lightweight compass rose charm on the thin bracelet is suitable for every day wear, and still ripe with meaning – as a gift or as a personal statement.  What guides you? What challenges will you navigate? The compact round compass rose charm is just under 1cm in diameter.  The overall weight of the total bracelet with charm is only 0.06oz (1.7g).  And the adjustable bracelet boasting a possible circumference range of 3in to 12in, will certainly fit almost anyone!  Although it may look like a woven leather strap bracelet, this synthetic material will surely outlast a similar leather strap.  

Displayed on a 5x7 card, you can choose from several card options.  The default standard card has a compass rose at the top with a compass saying at the bottom (see images to the left).  And the other 3 specialty options have a small blank space at the bottom of the card so you can write a little something or just sign the card.  Here are all four card options you can choose from:

1)    STANDARD - Compass Rose with saying at the bottom
2)    BIRTHDAY – Happy Birthday at the top, blank bottom
3)    CONGRATULATIONS – Congratulations at the top, blank bottom
4)    GRADUATION – Congratulations with Cap & Diploma at the top, blank bottom

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