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Silva Arc Jet S Left Thumb Compass

Silva Arc Jet S Left Thumb Compass

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Designed specifically for Orienteering Races, this is your compass if you are looking for a high-performance orienteering thumb compass with the Spectra speed dial graphics on the capsule. The Spectra pattern consists of reference marks and numbers, designed to simplify your orienteering. This compass has all the high-end qualities that you need for fast navigation while running. Originating from the Silva Spectra System and developed to simplify your orienteering, the Spectra speed dial consists of reference markings and numbers on the capsule. You just need to memorize the number that the needle is pointing at after completing step 2 of the Silva 1-2-3 system and the sighting line will guide you in the right direction as long as the needle stays pointing at that number.

Designed like a clock, the speed dial is easy to read and memorize and enables you to move faster and more accurately while orienteering. No matter if you are an elite or leisure orienteer - the Spectra speed dial will help you stay on the right course at high speed while reducing mistakes.

This Silva Arc Jet S Left, is designed for use on the left hand, by right-handed people. This keeps your right hand free for map marking, or other tasks. The Arc Jet S comes with an attachable thumb plate for those who prefer the more classic thumb grip. Simply slide it on/off to the baseplate with a simple click. Just try it out and see what you like best. The thumb band comes in two versions – soft and firm. They are both included in the package. If you like to use scales on your compass for measuring distances on the orienteering map – Arc Jet S comes with scale stickers that can be attached to the baseplate. 5 year warranty. See all the Silva Compasses.

Dimensions: 90mm x 75mm (45mm Dia Capsule)
Weight: 26g

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