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Suunto Navigator MC-2 Quadrants

Suunto Navigator MC-2 Quadrants

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FREE GROUND SHIPPING for this item, and anything else you add to this order. This is Suunto’s Quadrants version of their MC-2 sighting compass. The bezel features a quadrants scale (0-90; 90-0), not the traditional 0-360 degree azimuth scale. The quadrants scale is typically used by surveyors when creating property plats.

The ultimate in professional mirror sighting compasses, the MC-2 Quadrants Compass from Suunto offers an additional sighting hole for superior bearing accuracy, adjustable declination, and a built-in clinometer. Each baseplate features anti-slip rubber pads, an inch scale, a 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 km map scale, a cm ruler, an inch ruler, and a round magnifying lens. Detachable lanyard with snap-lock included. Limited lifetime warranty.

Dimensions: 2.5in. x 3.9in.
Weight: 74 g

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